Sell Produce to VV

Veritable Vegetable was founded to support small to mid-sized growers. VV proudly represents your farm label, emphasizing the unique qualities of your produce while building recognition for your label in the marketplace. Whether you grow or represent a few seasonal items or offer year-round products, we want to work with you.   We honor our farmers as artists, scientists, and advocates for the Earth. Our existence depends on your success. 

We purchase a remarkable array of fresh produce — from lettuce and red delicious apples to unique items like purple carrots, fingerling potatoes, heirloom apples, and shelling beans. We’d love to learn more about your produce.

Our Purchasing Department is known for ethical and competent buyers and for building strong relationships. Each buyer focuses on a group of products and provides you up-to-the-minute market information. Healthy relationships depend on good communication, and we strive to do just that. In order to serve you best, our buyers closely collaborate with our Transportation Department to ensure your products always arrive fresh to our warehouse.

What We Buy

VV buys a broad array of produce items to meet the needs of our customers. Your experience, farm location, soil type, and growing conditions are your best indicators of what is possible. We do not contract with growers for specific crops or quantities. We review market opportunities and trends, and share this and other information to help assist you in crop planning.

We have a broad range of customers, with diverse needs regarding flavor, grade and size. Sorting and packing to USDA standards and labeling your products clearly are critical to successfully marketing your produce. In short supply situations, even the fussiest customers relax their quality preferences. We also have customers who shop with different considerations in mind, and sometimes desire #2s, or varying sizes. We do our best to move everything you pack. LEARN ABOUT OUR PRICING »

Selling to Many Outlets

Establishing and maintaining healthy long-term relationships in business depends on excellent communication. Many farms blend direct marketing, local retail distribution, and selling into the wholesale shipping market; some have us market their entire product. Together we work to develop a marketing plan that works best for everyone. Please plan on staying in communication from season to season.