Showcase Summer’s Abundance in Small Spaces

Merchandising In Small Spaces      Produce Merchandising

With so many wonderful seasonal summer offerings, it can be challenging to decide what products to bring in when you have a smaller department and less space to work with. Don’t let space limit you! It is very feasible to build an eye-catching display with many varieties and products in a small space. Here are some great tips and suggestions for small stores to make a big impact in their produce departments.

  • Use Baskets & Bowls: Utilize small attractive baskets in tight spaces to separate similar looking products like red plums, black plums, and pluots. This can help avoid confusion and also let you bring in all the varieties you’d like. It is worth investing in a few nice bowls and baskets. They can be used throughout the year and add a nice touch to displays.
  • Show Variety: Create a focal-point harvest display that offers a little bit of everything. Bringing together small amounts of everything from stone fruit, tomatoes, berries, and corn captures the feel of summer all in one display. These kinds of eye-catching displays excite customers and encourage larger purchases.
  • Fiber Pint Baskets: A growing trend in produce is the use of fiber pint baskets for berries, stone fruit, specialty peppers, and cherry tomatoes. This reduces customer handling by encouraging customers to buy the whole basket and also beefs up displays by making an area look fully stocked when you are actually putting out less product.
  • Signage: As always, make sure to offer clear signage on all displays and product varieties. Variety names can be written directly on the handle of paper totes if you don’t have room for a separate sign.

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