Spring Green Goodness

Asparagus Display

California asparagus is now here and in great supply! Abundant artichoke availability is just around the corner. These two spring favorites are great additions to spring displays- they are beautiful and do not need to be kept under refrigeration for short-term storage. It is fine to leave them out for the day or place them on an ice table. Grab your customers’ attention with these spring display ideas and tips:

  • Maintain Freshness: Whether you keep your asparagus and artichokes in or out of refrigeration, check your product daily for freshness and quality. Asparagus should be succulent, crisp, and firm. Pull any stalks that look withered or soft. Artichokes should be firm when given a slight squeeze.
  • Highlight Spring Items: Create an eye-catching display with asparagus and cross merchandise it with other great spring items like green garlic and spring onions. Try displaying recipes alongside all the new spring items coming on. Customers will be refreshed to see the season changing!
  • Color Contrast: Lemons and artichokes always pair well and look stunning with their contrast in color. Lemons also eat well with asparagus. New crop Mexican purple garlic will be making an appearance soon. A pop of purple to any asparagus and artichoke display will look fantastic!
  • Grilling Themed Displays: With the new spring weather, many people are flocking outdoors for grilling and barbecuing. Both artichokes and asparagus are popular items to throw on the grill. Items that are great to include in a grilling themed display include corn, onions, bell peppers, eggplants, and potatoes. You can cross-merchandise with any grill accessories and utensils, charcoal, or even portable grills!

Have fun, get creative, and celebrate these gifts from early spring!

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