Summer Eggplant Varietal Guide


Did you know although eggplants are often considered a vegetable, they are a berry by botanical definition? They are a member of the genus Solanum and are closely related to tomatoes and potatoes! California-grown eggplant is making its summer debut, so talk to your Account Manager to keep up with all the varieties we’ll be seeing!


Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Eggplant

  • Tiny in size– no bigger than the palm of your hand
  • Purple and white stripes on the exterior
  • Tender flesh
  • Exceptional when grilled



Globe Eggplant

  • Also known as an American Eggplant
  • Biggest and heftiest variety
  • Glossy, deep-purple skin with a green stem
  • Inner flesh is cream-colored
  • Spongy & meaty in texture- perfect for slicing, grilling, or even roasting whole!



Eggplant - Japanese

  • Long and skinny shaped
  • Dark purple almost black in color
  • Spongy, white flesh contains tiny seeds
  • When cooked, flavor is mild and sweet with a tender texture



LIstada Eggplant

  • Small, typically 5-6 inches in length
  • Egg-shaped
  • Striking coloring with violet and ivory striping
  • Excellent flavor and very thin skin
  • When cooked, stripes disappear


Ping Tong Long

Ping Tong Long Eggplant

  • Also known as Chinese Eggplant
  • Long and slender in shape
  • Outer skin is firm and is magenta in color
  • Sweet and tender in flavor, not bitter even with the skin
  • Low interior moisture content


Rosa Bianca

Eggplant - Rosa Bianca


  • Exterior is white with purple stripes
  • Medium-sized, bulbous in shape
  • Delicate flavor, less bitter
  • White flesh has fewer seeds than other varieties


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