Culture of Sustainability

Sustainability is a deeply ingrained value at VV. We consider the environmental, social and economic impact of every decision we make.

  • GREEN FLEET.  Our hybrid trucks and tractor trailers were recognized by Fleet Owner Magazine as the Green Fleet of the Year (2012), the smallest fleet ever to win this accolade.  We operate a near zero emissions fleet, and employ every technology we can find to reduce our carbon footprint. MORE ABOUT OUR FLEET »
  • ZERO WASTE. We divert 99% of our waste from landfills - that means we recycle, re-use and compost nearly all the materials entering our warehouse.  Our in-depth staff training makes every member of our team part of the solution. 
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY. A few years ago, we installed 560 solar roof panels generating 33% of our electricity needs. We utilize state-of-the-art temperature control technology and thick strip doors to ensure food stays fresh while reducing energy usage. We also invest in energy efficient ballasts, fixtures and bulbs as well as motion and lumen sensors that detect movement and natural daylight cutting down on energy use whenever possible.
  • NON-TOXIC ENVIRONMENT. In addition to our environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, we also use non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint throughout the offices and warehouse.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS. We utilize furniture made from renewable resources such as reclaimed wood and the insulation in our warehouses is made from shredded cotton jeans.