Thanksgiving Merchandising Tips

Thanksgiving Merchandising

It’s time to transform your department and get into the full swing of Thanksgiving! Start building up those displays of sweet potatoes, yellow onions, russet potatoes, butternut squash, satsumas, and persimmons. These items will start moving in larger volumes through Thanksgiving. Creating bountiful and large displays are an easy way to increase sales.

Customers have been waiting since spring for the return of satsumas. Capitalize on this early-season, high-demand item by placing them in a heavy traffic area such as the entryway. They make for a bright and attractive display. Satsumas are generally a higher-priced item that customers buy in large amounts consistently throughout the season.

Sweet potatoes and yellow onions are not only key produce picks for Thanksgiving, but also staple items in the kitchen during the fall and winter months. These are hardy, low-maintenance products that are easy to manage, so don’t be shy about ordering larger amounts and going bigger on the displays. Potato and onion displays don’t need to be rotated every day, but should be checked daily for soft, breakdown, or sprouting product. Keeping your display fresh is important to keep these items moving.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, start stocking up on your other holiday items like Brussels sprouts, celery, cranberries, mushrooms, green beans, Italian parsley, and all the other culinary herbs. If you have access to your sales information from last year, use it! Tracking the amounts sold the previous year can help you dial in your order amounts for this year. Be optimistic and plan for a slight increase over what you sold last year. A good rule of thumb is 2% growth over the previous year. Following these holiday tips will help you have a successful Thanksgiving season.


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