The Avocado Shack

The Avocado Shack

The Avocado Shack is a produce market located in Morro Bay, along California’s beautiful Central Coast. Owned by Michael Wolfe, their mission is to provide their community with high quality fruits and vegetables at fair prices. The Avocado Shack is committed to sourcing locally when possible and going to the ends of the Earth to obtain ingredients for a healthy lifestyle for their customers. The store had a soft opening in December 2019, and is now open 7 days a week and has been bursting with life ever since! Michael Wolfe recently sat down for an interview with the Slo Talk podcast and shared the following:

“…I was looking for the right organic company when I was at the small location and I got down to my last thousand dollars investment and before I went organic completely…

I brought in this company out of San Francisco, Veritable Vegetable, who’s the first organic company in the United States. Woman-owned, B-Corp…Everything we believe in here….And my sales doubled in a week and it’s never looked back. They are about small farms, low carbon footprint, the things we believe in. I recommend you guys check them out. Look at their website, they are the real deal and that’s a model we all should be doing…”

The Avocado Shack Podcast

Check out the full interview HERE. Michael shares his thoughts about Veritable Vegetable around the 22:00 minute mark.

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