Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Tomato Display

Grocery stores, famers markets, and restaurants are all overflowing with the abundance of tomatoes from local suppliers and regional growers. Here are some tips from Meghan Kelly, the Produce Manager at Davis Food Co-op, on how to keep tomato displays fresh, interesting, and exciting throughout the season:

  • Change up the display every few weeks to keep it looking fresh. Try displaying recipe cards for customers, which can also be great content to feature on social media.
  • Utilize heirloom varieties. Go for impact and stack a few layers high on a good-sized table. They give a great visual and it is fun to spread out all the colors evenly– almost like you are coloring in a picture!
  • Cross merchandise with tomatoes. Local garlic, basil and olive oils all go well with tomatoes.


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