Valentine’s Day Merchandising

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Valentine’s Day Merchandising

Flowers are a must for Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget about berries, citrus, and some good cross-merchandising opportunities. Read on for our tips to make this a successful holiday.

  • Berries: Berries are a huge hit for Valentine’s Day. Provide your shoppers with a plentiful selection and multiple displays of berries located throughout the department. Packaged berries are a great impulse buy; have berries merchandised at registers and checkout areas to maximize sales. They will fly!
  • Cross Merchandise: Champagne and sparkling beverages, strawberries, and citrus (think mimosa) keep displays interesting – Kishus, tangerines and oranges will add a rich level of color. Collaborate with other departments in your store: whipped cream and cheese in refrigerated berry displays spark some delicious inspiration.
  • Flower Variety: Fresh, local flowers, now including new-crop spring Tulips, are the gift everyone needs for a loved one (including themselves) to say “I love you.” Offer varying sizes of bouquets to fit a wide range of budgets. Display flowers in a prominent high-traffic area, close to check-out counters and/or the produce department.
  • Care for Your Flowers: Keep flowers fresh by storing backstock in a cooler overnight; pull refrigerated product off the floor at the end of the day to store properly. Cull through flowers daily, pulling wilted and broken flowers from bouquets.
  • Pink and Red: Feature all fruits & fun vegetables that are pink, red or purple fleshed: Strawberry, Raspberry, Moro Blood Orange, Cara Cara Navel, Purple Stokes sweet potato, Rio Red grapefruit, Raddichio, Red D’anjou pear, Pink Varigated lemon, Pink Lady apple, Purple Graffiti cauliflower, mini-seedless watermelon, Pink Oyster mushroom. And heart-shaped fruit, like Strawberries or Cherimoya.


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