Valentine’s Day Planning with Mary Diaz from Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Mary Diaz at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Mary Diaz (pictured above) in the “Build Your Own Bouquet” station at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.


It’s time to start planning for Valentine’s Day florals! We spoke with Mary Diaz, Produce Clerk at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, to see what her plans are for the holiday this year. Mary has been at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op for six years and has organized and worked the “Build Your Own Bouquet” station for the last three years. Since launching the “Build Your Own Bouquet” station, sales for Valentine’s Day have tremendously increased year over year. Customers “build” their bouquets by selecting flowers for Mary, or another staff member, to assemble and style. In addition to offering a build your own option, the co-op also sells pre-made bouquets that customers can quickly and easily purchase. Mary shared her insight and suggestions on how to execute a successful Valentine’s Day floral program:

  • Offer a Large Selection: You can never have too many flowers! Offer a large and diverse selection of fresh-cut florals for customers to select from. You can also try adding house plants or blooming bulbs. These are nice long-lasting alternatives to cut flowers that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Best Sellers: The bestselling items tend to be big bouquets. People are going all out for Valentine’s Day. Tulips and roses are the most requested flower varieties.
  • Cross Merchandise: There are some great cross merchandising options that display beautifully with florals such as wine, chocolate, whipped cream and pound cakes. Bath and other wellness products display nicely and sell well when displayed with florals. Try placing a few bouquets near produce displays as well. Berries are the most sought-after produce item during Valentine’s Day. Strawberries are the most popular, but it’s a good idea to keep all berry varieties on hand. Get creative and have fun with your floral displays!
  • Place Floral Pre-Orders Early: Most importantly, place your floral orders early to secure your supply. Keep in tight communication with your Account Manager for ordering deadlines. You don’t want to be stuck unprepared for the holiday!

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