Veritable Vegetable Joins CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen Program

Veritable Vegetable Cesar Chavez Building

We are proud to join CleanPowerSF’s SuperGreen service, which means our energy now comes from 100 percent renewable energy. A couple months ago, we became a San Francisco Legacy Business, which is a special designation for businesses that operate within San Francisco’s city limits for 30 years or more. We are excited to announce we are the first Legacy Business to join the SuperGreen Program!

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) operates CleanPowerSF, which offers two choices for cleaner energy. The Green service program is 48 percent renewable, and the SuperGreen service is 100 percent renewable. As a SuperGreen customer, Veritable Vegetable will source 100 percent renewable electricity—currently generated primarily from a California-based wind project—for our 44,000 square-foot warehouse and office.

As a values-driven company, we are committed to environmental sustainability in every aspect of our business. From our near-zero emission truck fleet to the solar panels on our roof—we are always striving to consider our impact and reduce our energy consumption. We are excited to take one more step to reduce our carbon footprint by joining the SuperGreen Program. We hope all Bay Area businesses will join us in fighting climate change.

Read the SFPUC Press Release HERE

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