Our Vision of a Sustainable Food System

VV envisions a sustainable food system that values the true costs associated with growing and moving food from farm to table. Farmers have access to land and receive fair payment for their labor. Workers are treated equitably. Food is grown and moved with minimal impact to the environment; and all people have equal access to fresh, healthy foods.

As an organic produce distributor, VV plays a meaningful and central role in the food system. By interacting with and supporting many parts of the food system — growers, retailers, restaurants, community groups and policy organizations — we are in the unique position to understand issues facing the food system as a whole.

The People Who Grow and Process Our Food

At the root of the food system are the farmers and farm workers who grow food and food processors who manufacture our food. Farmers and the people who work on farms protect our soil, maintain our open spaces, and nurture the seeds that become the food we eat. Farmers are charged with keeping our land healthy to sustain future generations. For farming to be sustainable, farmers need access to land and to broader markets. Working with a distributor such as VV, allows farmers to focus their efforts on crop production and land stewardship and ensures their products move to market in sustainable vehicles.

The People Who Move Our Food

The people who move food from farms to the stores, restaurants and institutions where we eat are critical to a healthy food system working. Often companies who move our food go unnoticed or are even considered “unnecessary middlemen”. However, working with distributors can be extremely efficient, increasing access to fresh, healthy food.

Retail outlets (restaurants, stores, etc) selling food to customers play a critical role in sustaining the food system because they source products that keep their communities healthy. Veritable Vegetable supports independently owned and operated retailers and restaurants because they contribute to vibrant communities.

Playing Our Role As Eaters

Because everyone needs to eat to survive, we all play an important role in sustaining the food system. The choices we make about our food, what kinds of farms we support, what distribution companies we employ, and where we purchase our food, all impact the sustainability of our food system.  In order for our food system to thrive, we need to make decisions that positively impact the health of the planet and our communities.

Advocating for the Food System

Public agencies, governments, educators, trade organizations and community organizations also contribute to making the food system more sustainable. As eaters and community members, it is our duty to consider the health of the farms, farmers, and farm workers that feed us, the people that move our food from farm to retailer, as well as the people within our communities.