What are New Crop Potatoes?

new crop potatoes

Potatoes have an amazing lasting ability and can be perfectly fine after months in proper storage. In fact, a lot of the potatoes that we eat throughout the year have been stored for a long time in a cool, dry place.

But in the spring and early summer we get the opportunity to have ‘new’ or ‘fresh crop’ potatoes. These are potatoes that have just been harvested from the farm and are very delicate, although they are cured before packing.

New potatoes are generally dug before they’re fully mature, so they tend to be smaller and thin-skinned. This gives their flesh a creamy, tender texture and a sweet flavor. They’re also higher in moisture and lower in starch. Traditionally anticipated as a ‘harbinger of spring’, new crop potatoes are appreciated for their tenderness and subtle flavor.

Potatoes that you eat other times of the year are generally allowed to grow to full maturity and have been in storage. They have thicker skin and are larger in size. They are also available throughout the year, unlike the new crop potatoes, which are only available at the beginning of the season, around April to June.

Please check out our Potato Variety Guide to learn more about the types of potatoes out there, and how they should be used.

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