Who We Are

Veritable Vegetable is a women-owned and led organic produce distribution company based in San Francisco, California. Established in 1974, we source and deliver the freshest and highest quality produce, with unmatched service.

Powered by a zero-emission green fleet and driven by purpose, we put our values in action to build a sustainable and equitable food system.

Our Impact

Veritable Vegetable supports organic farmers, increases access to fresh produce, and strengthens diverse communities. We create a healthier world through our essential work.  Our unique, values-driven business model encourages political change, impacts food policy, and demonstrates a radically different approach to distributing organic produce.

Sustainable and regenerative systems increase energy and resources and are life-affirming. We envision our environment, our economy, and our communities as sustainable systems.

As a women-led business, we take a forward-thinking and innovative approach to solving complex problems. We create a fair and dynamic workplace through cooperative and collaborative leadership. We deeply value the people who make up our community of staff, growers, customers, and community partners; our collective labor is fundamental to the organic trade. 

We strive for excellence in our work, transparency in our relationships, and integrity through our actions.

I ask no special favor for my sex. Only that my brethren take their feet off our necks.

–Ruth Bader Ginsberg