Winter Citrus Displays

Winter Citrus Display

With Thanksgiving out of the way, winter holiday season is in full swing! Get in the spirit by filling your department with the most celebrated seasonal product–citrus! Not only do these cold weather treats taste delicious, they bring a brightness and exude freshness to winter. Here are some ways to keep displays interesting and product moving:

  • Incorporate Color: Lemons and limes are great to use as color breaks in a sea of orange citrus displays. Try using a few varieties like the Meyer Lemons, Makrut Lime, Variegated Pink Lime and Sweet Lime.
  • Mix Up Different Sizes: Display pomelo and grapefruit next to smaller tangerines. They look great next to one another and allow customers to see all the different citrus varieties available in the winter.
  • Incorporate Different Textures: Buddha’s Hand Citron is a conversation starter for sure. Most people think of it as a purely ornamental fruit but it also can be used to flavor many dishes and beverages by zesting the skin. These large hands add a nice touch and offer a visual break from a plethora of round-shaped citrus. Kiwi are available all throughout the winter months. They are a great addition to any display and can provide a texture break next to all your citrus with their brown-fuzzy skin.
  • Cross Merchandise: Add citrus juicers and citrus-centric cookbooks to your large citrus displays to encourage and inspire usage. When setting up winter fruit displays, we run into the problem of having too many items that look alike. Nuts and dates complement citrus well and alleviate the uniformity when worked into the displays. If you have a meat or seafood department, set up a citrus display nearby for marinades and garnishes.

Don’t be afraid to mix to it up and add pops of color all over your department. Citrus can be displayed with asparagus, greens and potatoes too! Make it fun and keep it interesting.

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