Winter Citrus Merchandising

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Citrus displays and merchandising tips

Winter Citrus Merchandising

The winter season is here, which means it’s time to pack your department with the most celebrated seasonal product – citrus! Here are a few ways to keep the displays interesting and your product moving.

Make your displays stand out. Citrus can add color contrast all over your department. Display it with asparagus, greens and potatoes to create a fun and exciting shopping experience. Buddha’s Hand Citron is the perfect conversation starter, and the zest can be used to flavor many dishes and beverages. Other unusual citrus that can add novelty to your produce display include kumquats, finger limes and pomelos.

Cross-Merchandise. Navel and Valencia oranges are in high demand, and used for eating fresh, cooking, and juicing. Try adding citrus juicers and citrus-centric cookbooks to your large citrus displays to encourage and inspire usage.

Color Break. Even though lemons and limes tend to be available year-round, these are great to use as color breaks in your sea of orange citrus displays. There are a few different varieties available to help break up the orange like Meyer Lemon, Makrut Lime, Variegated Pink Lime, and Sweet Lime.

Shelf Talkers. ‘Shelf talkers’ are useful to draw attention to produce, especially when you need to move something out. They may also give shoppers ideas for how to use an item that they hadn’t thought of before. Check out these Citrus Shelf Talkers, which feature 10 citrus varieties from B&J Ranch.

Grab & Go: Encourage impulse buys by having pre-bagged Satsuma Tangerines available, ready to go. And 5lb gift boxes are perfect for mailing and bringing to holiday feast events.

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