Grateful for Grapefruit

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Grapefruit are making their winter debut! Grapefruit is a citrus hybrid originating in Barbados. It was an accidental cross between a sweet orange and pomelo. Grapefruits grow in grape-like clusters on their tree, thus the “grape” part of the name.  We’ll be seeing many varieties of grapefruit this season including Rio Red, Ruby Red and Oro Blanco.

Ruby Red grapefruit has yellowish peel with areas of pink and green blush, often caused by the cold temperatures the fruit endures. The interior flesh is segmented with deep pinkish-red flesh with sweet juicy flavor and some seeds. Ruby Red grapefruit delivers a refreshing sweet-tart flavor. The redder the flesh, the sweeter the fruit will taste. Interesting fact: the formally popular, but now scarce, white grapefruit actually has the same sugar levels as pink or red grapefruit, and are preferred by some folk. Talk to your Account Manager to add some Ruby Red grapefruit to your order!


Winter Citrus Displays

Winter Citrus Display

With Thanksgiving out of the way, winter holiday season is in full swing! Get in the spirit by filling your department with the most celebrated seasonal product–citrus! Not only do these cold weather treats taste delicious, they bring a brightness and exude freshness to winter. Here are some ways to keep displays interesting and product moving:

  • Incorporate Color: Lemons and limes are great to use as color breaks in a sea of orange citrus displays. Try using a few varieties like the Meyer Lemons, Makrut Lime, Variegated Pink Lime and Sweet Lime.
  • Mix Up Different Sizes: Display pomelo and grapefruit next to smaller tangerines. They look great next to one another and allow customers to see all the different citrus varieties available in the winter.
  • Incorporate Different Textures: Buddha’s Hand Citron is a conversation starter for sure. Most people think of it as a purely ornamental fruit but it also can be used to flavor many dishes and beverages by zesting the skin. These large hands add a nice touch and offer a visual break from a plethora of round-shaped citrus. Kiwi are available all throughout the winter months. They are a great addition to any display and can provide a texture break next to all your citrus with their brown-fuzzy skin.
  • Cross Merchandise: Add citrus juicers and citrus-centric cookbooks to your large citrus displays to encourage and inspire usage. When setting up winter fruit displays, we run into the problem of having too many items that look alike. Nuts and dates complement citrus well and alleviate the uniformity when worked into the displays. If you have a meat or seafood department, set up a citrus display nearby for marinades and garnishes.

Don’t be afraid to mix to it up and add pops of color all over your department. Citrus can be displayed with asparagus, greens and potatoes too! Make it fun and keep it interesting.


New & Exciting!:

Forelle Pear

  • Forelle Pear*: Heirloom variety. Very small in size. Beautiful red blush over greenish yellow skin. Dense, coarse, moist, cream-colored flesh. Tastes sweet and tangy with cinnamon spice tones.

Did you know Forelle is German for “trout”? The name stems from the pear’s beautiful coloring, similar to a rainbow trout!

  • African Shaddock Pomelo: Large size. 15-25 centimeters in diameter. Yellow-green medium-thick rind. Soft-textured pith. Segmented flesh. Juicy and fragrant rosé pink pulp. Tastes sweet-tart with low acidity.


  • Yuzu: Citrus fruit. Thick, rough, knobby, and fragrant peel. Vibrant green when unripe. Bright, sunny yellow when mature. Juice is highly acidic and tart. Sweetness is in rind oils. Great for sauces, liquors, vinegars, and jams!
  • Fairchild Tangerine*: Medium-sized, round and flattened on each end. Deep orange, slightly pebbled rind that clings to the flesh. Juicy, rich, sweet flavor with low acidity. From our exclusive grower B&J Ranch.

Maple Valley Candy

  • Maple Candy*: These sweet treats from Maple Valley Cooperative are perfect for the holidays. Made with certified organic pure maple syrup and nothing more. Limited seasonal item.
  • Fig: Black Mission and Brown Turkey figs are available until Christmas.

Dragon Fruit

  • Dragon Fruit: Also known as pitaya. Bright red skin with green scales, resembling a dragon. We have white, pink and red pulp varieties. Sweet, delicate flavor similar to a cross between a kiwi and a pear. Texture is creamy with little black seeds. An amazing tropical superfood!



envy apple

  • Envy Apple*: Round with striated, ruby red skin. Tasting great with crisp, sweet white flesh. Slow to turn brown.
  • Jazz Apple: Rosy red skin with undertones of yellow, orange, and green. Classic low-acid, sweet-tart taste.
  • Pink Lady Apple*: In great supply with sharp pricing.
  • Bacon Avocado*: In good supply and tasting great. California-grown. Oval-shaped with smooth, thin, dark green skin. Buttery, creamy texture.
  • Broccoli: In good supply with sharp pricing.

Nantes Carrot

  • Nantes Carrot*: Bunched in great supply from our exclusive growers Road 20 Farm and Rundle Family Farms. Small to medium in size. Cylindrical in shape with blunt, rounded ends on both sides. Edible leafy greens. Fine-grained orange flesh. Crunchy and tender with a mild, sweet taste.
  • Cauliflower: Supply has improved and prices are sharp.
  • Tangerine: Satsumas and Clementines are in great supply.
  • Meyer Lemon: In good supply and looking great.
  • Mango*: California-grown Keitts are available but expected to be done for the season the second week of December. Oblong with a pale to dark green skin. Fiber-free with a thin seed. Smooth texture and sweet honeyed flavor.
  • Shallot*: In strong supply.


*Staff Pick



  • Artichoke: Limited in supply.
  • Brussels Sprouts: California-grown continue to be very limited with high prices due to weather conditions. Supply should improve by mid-December. Mexican-grown sprouts are steady in availability and price.
  • Strawberry: Very limited. Rains have put an end to Central Valley California growing season. Baja-grown berries are expected to start in late December.
  • Herb: California-grown bunched cilantro and parsley in somewhat limited supply. Availability affected by recent rains.
  • Radicchio: Very limited in supply.
  • Sweet Peppers: Extremely limited with very high pricing.
  • Soft Squash: Mexico-grown zucchini prices are expected to rise. Yellow squash is very limited.
  • Tomato: Availability is limited. Recent rains have affected supply.
  • Passion Fruit: Limited in supply.


Done for the Season:

  • Pink Variegated Lemon
  • Red Kuri Squash
  • Ornamental Squash


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